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When choosing fabrics and knitted fabrics for the production of clothing, we always give preference to the most natural fiber compositions and raw materials manufacturers with a good reputation.

In the last couple of years, environmentalists have sounded the alarm that the textile industry has taken second place after the oil and gas industry in terms of environmental pollution, due to the burning of surplus goods, which are increasing rapidly. Also, the production of fabrics from chemical and harmful materials and dyes strongly pollute the environment. Many conscious people have thought about this. The pandemic pushed people to the idea that it is necessary to return to the point where consumers chose the product for quality, functionality and long-term.

Interest in the mass market has significantly decreased, and every day this proportion will change in the direction of conscious choice. Already today, more and more consumers around the world choose products with the ECO sign. During economic crises, people find it harder to part with money. Accordingly, they choose what is included in the concept of true values. Also, an aggressive environment, stress causes a subconscious desire for something reliable, durable and aesthetic.

"Second Life" - author's project

We are launching our own social author's project - "Second Life", aimed at an ecological approach to life, a thrifty attitude to shopping, recycling of unnecessary things and a competent approach to your "wardrobe".

Our brand designers help everyone who wants to remake things and give them a "second life" or give them to those who need them more now.

As part of this project, we are ready to offer our services to companies that have not sold some of their products and breathe a "second life" into them! Do not rush to burn the product residues. Perhaps, thanks to the creative approach of our designers, they will find their client.